Welcome to Terratects, a Kochi-based architectural firm where innovation meets sustainability. More than designers, we consider ourselves artists translating dreams into tangible form, reshaping sustainability through meticulous material selection, portable and adaptable spaces, and community-oriented design, all infused with a touch of playfulness.

As a research-driven firm, we’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. Integrity and sustainability define everything we do. We’re committed to transparency, honesty, and excellence in every aspect of our work.¬†Together with the most sustaining materials and the stories from our sites, we indulge in conversation between the obvious and the obscure, the community and the craftsmen, between the material and the maker. And with this dialogue, we create expressions that are new, meaningful and eco-friendly. Whether you’re a collaborator with a shared vision, or a talent looking to make a difference, we invite you to join us.¬†

Our philosophy.

Terratects, a research-driven studio with the mission of redefining sustainability through community based design and improving the quality of life. We believe that architecture is not merely about creating structures, but about shaping experiences, fostering connections, and enriching lives.

Our team.

Ar. Roshith Shibu

Principal Architect

Ar. Girish Ravikumar

Associate Partner

Ar. Abinas Ahmed

Lead Architect

Ar. Anu Panicker


Ar. Aleena Mary Thomas

Architect and Research Head

Ar. Yamini Vidyasagar

Project Manager

Hashim K Abdul Azeez

Structural Consultant

Ar. Anisha Padmajan


Our clients.